Thursday, 17 December 2009

UK/Hong Kong 2009

On the 13th November, Iain, Sian and Neve headed to the UK via Hong Kong. We wanted Neve to meet the rest of our friends and family and also to have an early Christmas with the Raw family.

It was a good flight to HK but once there our little angel became a bit of a monster. Her sleeping patterns have gone out of the window so we were a bit like zombies walking around the city. Even once we got back to OZ her sleeping is still terrible and she regularly has us up every hour or so during the night but once she is settled back in her own cot and gotten used to the heat I think it is something we are going to have to work on.Anyway back to the trip. We had a lovely time catching up with family and friends at home. It was great getting to introduce Neve to the people who mean so much to us. A special thank you to Sian's family, Alex and Ani, Lucy, Simon and Freddie for their hospitality.

Highlights of the trip were a day in Bath with Uncle Howie, sightseeing with the family whilst taking pictures of Neve EVERYWHERE, and breakfast at SOS followed by drink at the Princess Louise with everyone.

See you all soon

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Neve is 4 Months old

On the 25th October Neve turned 4 months old. She is a happy, contented little girl who on the whole sleeps well and is a pleasure to be around (except from 3-6pm which is witching hours). She had her check up on Tuesday and she is now 66cm long, 7kg and head circumference of 44cm. That means that she is tall like her Daddy being taller than 96% of babies born on the same day as her, she is heavier than 90% of babies born on the same day as her but her head is only bigger than 25% of babies born on the same day. Luckily she does not look at weird as this may sound.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Play mates

Yesterday Nicola and Gemma popped round . Gemma is 6 weeks older than Neve, though Neve had a head start in the weight department so they are a very similar size. There is, though, a massive developmental difference as Gemma is very alert and enjoys playing with toys where as Neve is still intrigued with her hands and feet.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Super Cute

Neve's Uncle Howie bought her a dressing gown and as it was a little chilly this morning we tried it on... with the sleeves rolled up it looked super cute!

A sad goodbye

Last night Howard (aka Uncle Howie) headed back home. It was quite an emotional day for everyone. We ended his trip with beer, darts, steak, home cooked bread and butter pudding and a good bottle of red.

Even though it is only 4 weeks until we will be home I had a few good cries in Chermside (which got me some interesting looks)

Can't wait to be home in November!!!

Sunday, 18 October 2009


This afternoon, Iain, Neve and I headed to a vineyard down at Mount Cotton. We were meeting some of the ladies from my mothers group, who to be honest have become much more like friends over the last few weeks and we were also joined by Howard and Janelle.

We had decided that all of us ladies would sample the local wines and the boys would take care of the little ones and drive us home. It worked out fantastically well and we all had a lovely afternoon. Can't wait to do it again soon.

New Bonnet for Neve

Yesterday we visited Grandma Collie at the Handmade Expo, there was a suprisingly large amount of REALLY nice things, we came away with far more than we expected and Neve got a lovely new bonnet to add to her ever growing wardrobe.


It was that time of year again, time for beer, dancing, beer, food and did I mention beer!!!! Yes it was Oktoberfest, the 2nd time for most of us but a 1st for Neve who was a really good girl and slept through most of it, but what she did participate in she seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

A plus side for the adults was that the bar staff kept forgetting to collect our beer tokens so we ended up with more free beer then we knew what to do with... and it helps to explain why the hangovers were very harsh on the Monday!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Natural Falls

Last weekend we took a little drive down to see some countryside. We did a lovely walk to the falls and then came home via the Fox and Hounds in Mount Tambourine for a lovely Sunday lunch and a couple of ales for the boys.

Another trip to the Beach

As the weather is hotting up we took advantage of the empty beach house and spent a lovely weekend chilling out at the beach. Neve seems to really enjoy being in the water so I think we will be investing in some swimming lessons shortly.