Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pasta Night IV

Last night we had the Wielands, plus Howard and Henning over for pasta night IV. For our house warming/leaving present Mark and Meike bought us a pasta machine. It had been in its box for quite some time as it just didn't seem right to use it without them. We had a great night and the food was out of this world. The pumpkin and feta ravioli was a massive hit.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Uncle Howie

To Neve's delight her Uncle Howie arrived last night for his 5 weeks stay. I don't know who was more impressed with who!

Monday, 14 September 2009


On Sunday we headed up to Toowoomba to see Stephen,Michelle, Mark, Thomas and Heidi. We had a lovely picnic in the park amongst the flowers. The festival starts this coming weekend so we got to see the lovely displays without the masses of people.
Heidi and Neve were all smiles for most of the day and despite Heidi being a full 2 months older than Neve they look a very similar size. Neve is very long and has yet to fill out but I think she is going to be a very big girl when she is older.
Heidi giving Neve a Wet Willy!

Bath time and Naked Fun

Neve is now really starting to enjoy her baths and loves to get her daddy soaking wet with her kicking legs. I think she is going to have to graduate to the big bath soon as I don't know how much more water the kitchen floor can cope with.

The little Blakeney's

Last week Neve and I went to spend the day with Netti, Ben and Emily. We spent a lovely few hours in the park and everyone seemed to enjoy the fresh air.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

A Super Celebration

Today was both my 31st birthday and Iain's 1st Fathers Day. Neve spoilt us both rotten with lovely cards and presents so in turn we treated her to a trip to the beach.

As the weather was so warm we even got Neve into her togs and let her dip her toes into the water. She loves her baths so it goes without saying that she also loved her mini swim.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Naked in public

On Mum's last day here we went for a trip into the city. Neve was looking very pretty in her dress from Phuong but a disaster happened so we had to strip her naked in the boot of the car!

Super cool

How cool does Neve look in her new sunglasses??? Mind you she only kept them on for about 30 seconds after this was taken as she has now discovered her hands which means that nothing stays where it is meant to.