Saturday, 28 June 2008

Visitors from afar

Danny and lore popped in to Bris-vegas on their world tour. I had the day off and drove down to meet them at their friend Tash's place. We walked into the valley and had breakfast at Fat Boys (a staple for us Valley Boys and Girls following a big night out at Rics watching Resin Dogs.... are you completely confused ???) I took them on a little tour of the "mountains" surrounding Brissy. It was a very foggy day and as you can see, very limited visibility, but warm warm warm.

We had a nice little bushwalk and lunch at a biker's cafe up in the hills, watching wild birds and enjoying the serenity.... ah... the serenity

Sian and Tash joined us for drinks afterwards at a cool bar and then down to the river for fish and chips, pizza and steak sandwiches. Good luck with the rest of your travels D & L !!

To see their past and future travels, check out their blog...

The city is out there... somewhere


A beautiful view of moreton bay and hinterland... well, when the clouds aren't in...



Cupcakes rule ...

State Of Origin Game 2

In true Queenslander spirit, after a demoralising defeat in Game 1, we bounced back to destroy the Blues 30 - 0 in an awesome game of blood, sweat and tears.

Me and King Wally

Shane with Beer

The walk of honour, our champs.

Game 3 is this wednesday, I'm already celebrating a big win

Happy Birthday Rhys

Hope the finger healed okay......

A day at the races

Eagle Farm Oaks Day arrived and although major rain showers were predicted, we got a great day with lots of sunshine. Sian and I managed to bring home two winners and came away from the day relatively even, including food and beer so not bad all round for a couple of wannabe punters. We even stood down by the edge of the track and I waved my form guide in the air shouting and screaming at the gi-gi's as they raced past, what a thrill. Gambling can be so much fun.

Thanks Shane and Kristin for organising a great champagne breakfast too! What a day!

Sian and Kristin and Adam in background

The gang

Tuffy... a living legend



Horse... but you knew that

Monday, 9 June 2008

Fun and Games

Recently Bec, Neil, Thomas and Fraser came up to see us for the day. Whilst we have so few possessions we thought we had a child proof house, boy were we wrong. There was a fun game of how many hands can we fit in the VCR, I wonder what happens if I pull this wire, how many books do I stack to get on top of the book shelf, and my personal favourite, I wonder what happens if I put my tounge in the telephone socket!We had a great day with yummy food, great company and the boys first real experience of the beach.